Kik Notifications Not Working?

Kik notifications not working on your device. So do not take tense, the solution to your problem is in this article, so let’s start reading this article.

Whenever someone sends you a message on Kik or comes live on Kik, then their notification comes to your device, so you do not need to open the Kik app. You get to know from that notification who has messaged you or who has come live on Kik.

If you are not getting any notifications on your Kik, then you should read this article completely. In this article, we have told many such methods by following which you can overcome the problem of your Kik notification.

How to Turn on Kik Notifications on your Device?

If Kik notification is not working on your device, then you should first check whether you have activated Kik notification on your device or not. If you haven’t activated your Kik notification on your device, follow the steps below to activate the Kik notification.

  • Open Kik app
  • Click on the setting icon
  • Go to the Notifications icon
  • Now select in-app alerts
  • Finally, click on Show Notifications

Fix the Kik Notification Not Working Issue

If Kik notification is not working on your device then there can be many reasons for this. Let us see below why Kik notification is not working on your device and by following these methods you can solve your Kik notification problem Take it away.

1. Thoroughly Check Kik Permission

Whenever you install the Kik app on your device, permission has to be enabled for Kik messenger. It allows you to use the features of your device such as camera, microphone, storage, etc.

If you do not enable the permission of Kik Messenger, then it will not be able to show your account information properly.

Let us enable Kik permission by following the steps given below:-

  • Go to your device’s settings.
  • Click on the option of Applications and Permissions
  • Go to App Manager and search for Kik App
  • Now click on the Permissions option
  • Finally, you allow all permissions except location

2. Restart Your Kik Messenger

Sometimes problems arise in Kik Messenger, due to which all the features available in Kik get spoiled. Try rebooting the Kik app and it will solve your problem.

3. Clear the cache of Kik Messenger

If Kik notifications are not working properly then you need to clear your Kik cache. Many times the Kik cache gets filled up so much due to you may have to face problems with Kik notifications, so let’s clear the Kik cache by following the steps given below:-

  • Go to your device’s settings.
  • Go to the option of Application and Permission
  • Click on App Manager and Search for Kik App
  • Click on Internal Storage
  • Now click on clear data
  • Finally, click on clear cache

4. Thoroughly Check Your Internet Speed

Make sure you have the right internet connection speed on your device or not. If your internet connection speed is not correct then you should restart your device and try it on airplane mode, this will solve your problem.

5. Restart your Device

Sometimes there are small bugs stored in the device due to which our device stops working properly. Try restarting your device and it will fix your problem.

6. Update the Kik Application on your Device

If the Kik app is not working properly on your device, then you should check whether you have updated the Kik application or not. If you haven’t updated the Kik app, you should update it. I hope your Kik notification problem will be fixed if you update the Kik app.

7. Try Contacting Kik’s Customer Support

If you have tried all the above methods and still you are not getting Kik notifications on your device, then you need to contact Kik customer support. If you contact Kik customer supports their team will fix your problem very soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

How to fix the Kik notifications not working?
If your device is not receiving Kik notifications, then you should update the Kik app, check your internet speed, enable Kik permissions, clear Kik cache, etc.

How long does Kik ban?
If you violate Kik’s policy it will temporarily ban you from your account for 30 days.

Why have Kik’s notification settings disappeared?
If you haven’t updated your Kik app, you won’t see Kik’s notification settings. So let’s update Kik App.

Final Words:-

After reading this article completely, you must have solved the problem of Kik notifications not working. I will tell you that you keep updating your Kik app from time to time and keep clearing its cache data. By doing this, you will never face any problems related to Kik notifications in your life.

If anything related to Kik notifications is coming to your mind, then you must talk to us by commenting in the comment section. We will try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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